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Bravo! Your Au Naturale granola is the only granola I've found that I can tolerate! I recommend Clark's Natural Foods in Loma Linda, CA. They carry a large variety of gluten free products (frozen, too), and are already familiar with your granola line. Hope to see you there!


Great news! Gluten Free is the future.

Dee Valdez

I just finished a couple wonderful sandwiches on Udi's GF Whole Grain Bread! The anticipation as I browned it under the broiler was fabulous as the house smelled of toasting bread, just like the old days. It is even more fun to wait for the bread to toast knowing how delicious it is! This morning I enjoyed my daily GF Blueberry Muffin warmed in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. Ummmm. Last night I mentioned to a group of friends I was dining with that I’d put Udi’s Blueberry Muffin up to a taste test against any other blueberry muffin out there, especially if it’s GF. I’ll have to admit I’m an Udi’s fanatic. Whenever I see someone in the GF section at our wonderfully well stocked King Soopers in South Loveland, I have a conversation with them about GF products and always recommend anything from Udi’s!

Thank you for giving me the freedom to eat so healthfully and tastefully on a GF diet. I’m grateful for your commitment to provide such great stuff to all of us Celiacs!

I have so many more Be Udiful meals because of you!


I love Udi's gf bread. You guys are my saviors. They are always out of it at King Soopers, so I drive to Stapleton and buy 5 loaves at a time. This bread is the very best. Thank you very much.

Sharon Headrick

Where in St. Louis, Missouri can I buy Udi's gluten free products, including the wonderful bread

Frances Burt

You are my hero!! I tried your white sandwich bread and thought I was eating the real thing and double checked the ingredients to make sure. During my stay in Colorado I was able to purchase your products at the City Market. We are now in Southern Arizona and I want to know if I can find your bread anywhere in this area? I tried Fry's but no success.


Unbelievable! I just experienced the next best thing to "real," bread. When I was told that Udi's whole wheat bread was really great, I thought yes, sure it is. I have experienced tasting many gluten- free breads and thought that he was surely pulling my leg. OMG, he wasn't. Thank you Udi's. You have made my heart sing.

Korinne Sparks

I tried Udi's gf bread for the first time this past month while visiting my mother in Houston. I thought it was awesome! I'm very sad to hear that it's not shipped to a store near me (I live in WI). It would be great to see more of a gluten free variety here in the midwest and what a better way to start off the selection with Udi's! Set the standard high! Just a suggestion I thought Udi's might benefit from; Basics Co-op in Janesville,Wi could use your fantastic bread.


We liked Udi's products so much that we are now selling them through our website at

I have to eat gluten free, my husband does not We both love your sandwich and whole wheat bread! It is wonderful, finally! I bought my Udi's loaf bread at Central Market in Fort Worth, Texas in their frozen food section. Thank you and Thank Goodness! I will continue to buy this wonderful product.

Wanette Sherman

We tasted Udi's gluten free bread at the Celiac Sprue Association Conference! Wow! Taste like homemade tender bread.
We were excited to find it at Basic Foods in Beaumont, TX!
Keep up the good work.
Would be great to find a yummy gluten free birthday cake!

Mike Saul

What stores can we find Udi's gluten free bread in Houston, TX? We founf one (1) loaf at Whole Foods on Westheimer, but have not been able to find it there since the first time.

Angel L

After reading all these rave reviews I am dying to get my hands on some of this GF bread. I live in Canada (Vancouver, BC to be exact) and was wondering if there's anywhere here that may carry it or if it's possible to order it somehow?

Rhoda Kennedy

I think I just died and went to heaven!!!! For 4 years I have been searching for the perfect gluten free bread--AND I FOUND IT!!! The sandwich bread is the best gluten free item I have had yet-absoultely delicious with that real bread smell and consistency. Thank you thank you thank you I cannot wait to try the pizza crust, granola, and cinnamon roll. Keep up the great work!!!

Jill Quillian

I have other allergies, too. Where can I find the ingredient list for the GF bread products.

Cheryl Van Hamersveld


I'm so impressed with your GF Whole Grain Bread. I buy it at Whole Foods in Petaluma, CA and San Rafael, CA however, I can't seem to get my Sonoma Whole Foods store to carry it. It would be great if you could encourage them some way to carry it. I've told them to call Petaluma and San Rafael stores for stats but so far no Udi's. Hope you can help by providing stats for your products success to the Sonoma, CA Whole Foods Market.

Thanks, Cheryl

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Thank you for giving me the freedom to eat so healthfully and tastefully on a GF diet.

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where can I get Udi products in Ontario, Canada

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